For other information on the project, please contact
Studio Elmgreen & Dragset

Marta Kuzma, Director of Office for Contemporary Art Norway &
The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for International Visual Art

Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset

Rhea Gaardboe Dall

Jørn Mortensen, OCA
Lotte S. Lederballe Pedersen, The Danish Arts Agency

Architect Troels Bruun, Emmepiùbistudio

Brian Phillips, Black Frame

Chiara Conte
Milena Monssen
Thilde Nyborg
Laila Palmarini

Andreas Koch, Graphic Design
Rebekka Ladewig, Editor
Henriette Sölter, Production Manager

Studio Elmgreen & Dragset
Nils Grarup, Technical Assistant
Sandra Stemmer, Studio Manager
Elmar Vestner, Graphic Design
Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, Studio Architect

Troels Bruun, Architect
Luca Delise, Architect
Roberta Facchettin, Accountant
Paul Mazzega, Architect
Daniela Murgia, Studio Manager
Annapaola Passarini, Coordinator
Paula Rendon, Architect
Carla Seppe, Architect
Riccardo Vecchiarelli, Coordinator

The exhibition “The Collectors” is organized in a collaboration between the Nordic Committee and The Danish Arts Council’s Committee for International Visual Art.

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