The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication and a guide book to the pavilions. The publication will consist of a printed canvas bag containing collectibles selected by the participating artists and invited writers, and will extend the theme of collecting into fields beyond those approached in the exhibition.

Text Objects

‚Love’- and ‚Fuck’- quotes collected by Sarah Thornton, design by Ian Davies
Booklet [with paper dress-up doll]
‚Between Object and Organ: Powerless Collections’ by Clémentine Deliss, design by Andreas Koch
‚Another Death in Venice’ by Dominic Eichler; ‚Hidden Secrets in Brick Houses’ by Jacob Fabricius, photographs by Anders Sune Berg, design by Andreas Koch
‚Things and Things: From Trains to Paintings’ by Dorothea von Hantelmann, design by Andreas Koch
‚The Curiosity and Its Owner’ by Annelie Axèn, handwriting by Laila Kuchinke Palmarini, design by Andreas Koch
‚Sheer Things. Aesthetic and Less Aesthetic Extremes of Collecting’, by Anna Echterhölter, design by Fons Schiedon

Artist Objects
A4 Flyer
‚Flyer’, by Henrik Olesen
‚Someone Else with my Finger Prints’, each bag holds one of ten different fingerprint badges, by Jonathan Monk
Cardboard sign
‚Anything Helps’ by Jani Leinonen
‚Thora Dolven Balke’ by Thora Dolven Balke for the first 500 bags
Rub-on tattoo
‚Seller's aid (I BUY)’ by Hernan Bas
Dice ‚Dice’
selected by Guillaume Bijl
Italian Salami
in the first 500 bags Italian salami from ‚La Salumeria Eustacchio’, selected by Maurizio Cattelan
‚Used Swim Wear’ by HAN & HIM
Mini book
‚Die Fliegenfalle’ / ‚Flugfällan’, mini book with magnifying glasses, extracts from the novel by Fredrik Sjöberg, with kind support of Moderna Museet and Nya Doxa
‚Forty winks’ by Vibeke Slyngstad; with kind support of Storebrand
Paper dress-up doll
‚Supermodel’ by Elmgreen & Dragset
Paper place mat
‚Scribbles, Dribbles, Nibbles’ by Simon Fujiwara
Pea in sachet
‚Peas' are good for you (inspired by Hans Christian Andersens fairytale 'The Princess and the Pea')’ by Nina Saunders
Collection of postcards by Martin Jacobson, with kind support of Moderna Museet
‚Gift for an Unknown Person’ by Massimo Bartolini: The person who finds a post-it in his/her bag which reads ‚Gift for an unknown person’ will receive four 100 € bills marked with a custom-made Venice Biennale stamp.
      Usually a gift is very personal, almost trying to be like a portrait of the receiver. Since I don't know the receiver, here a gift of some possibilities. Money is neither personal nor an object, it is a transparent thing that recalls the nothing. Possibility and nothing.
Picture booklet
‚After Dark’ by William E. Jones
Toilet paper/Haiku
‚The whole Universe’ by Terence Koh